Don’t Let It Burn Down: Parliament Article Over At Quadrapheme

About a a week ago I had an article come out at Quadrapheme. It’s on an extremely urgent subject, and the more research I did into it, the more anxious I became about the whole thing. A précis: the Palace of Westminster is in a terrible state, particularly as far as its electrical wiring is concerned. There are a huge number of other problems, but the chief concern is that it could burn down tonight, or next week, or next year. This is not a joke. Refurbishments are long overdue, and will cost more than £7 billion over 25 years if done around an operating Parliament; if everybody moves out, it’ll cost half that amount and take five years. The infuriating thing is that Parliament isn’t due to even vote on what to do until April 2016. 

this is how you should feel about this.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather that the 1,000 years of cultural history housed in that building were saved from catastrophic fire damage than that it be left to chance any longer. They need to deal with this problem now. 

Anyway, here’s the article, which has pretty extensive background on the previous fire in the 19th century that destroyed most of the original mediaeval buildings, as well as information on what can and should be done now to save Barry and Pugin’s masterpiece and its priceless contents. Please re-blog, tweet, and generally share this around as much as you can! 

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