Two articles in Revoice Magazine

Dear and patient reader:

If you’re here for more Beatrice updates, apologies – I really need to do something on months 4-7 (!), but there just hasn’t been time. Part of this is that in February/March/April I was working on articles for Revoice Magazine, a terrific new online publication about music and musicians’ lives.

In March, for International Women’s Day, I wrote a piece called “Sparkly Earrings and Tiny Socks” about taking Beatrice on tour with me. Then there’s an article in this month’s issue, which just came out this morning: I compiled my own experiences and those of quite a large sampling of friends into “Lullay, lullay”, a piece about lullabies. It was incredibly moving to hear other people’s accounts of being sung to as children, and especially their reflections on singing to their own children in turn. Please have a read, if you have time.

Now back to the book, which I really should be working on while B is out with B minor for a walk. In a surprising/unsurprising turn of events, I’m writing from scratch (again) thanks to the advice of a really quite extraordinary mentor who is helping me solve my plotting woes. It’s such a relief to be re-organising the book, which had become cumbersome and draggy. It’ll be a lot of work – but fun.

Witches! Secret libraries! It’s all go. See you anon.

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