New year, new blog (sort of, again)

Happy… New Year? No. Too late.

Happy Lent? Nearly. It’s Ash Wednesday tomorrow, so let’s call the resurrection of this blog a lenten discipline. And it shocks me that nothing’s appeared here since 2017. So I am making amends. HELLO TO YOU, those of you who still remember reading this blog four years ago!

I’ve committed to writing a poem a day during Lent. After the mild shock of being shortlisted for the Bridport Prize last year, I’m still in an endless round of submitting to other competitions, and one of the rules of such things is that you can’t send in anything that’s found its way to “publication”, even on a blog. So, as things get written… we’ll see where they end up. Possibly here.

There is, however, one poem on this blog at the moment, which was the winner of the Cuddesdon Creative Writing Competition last summer — and so, by happy chance, it’s disqualified from being entered anywhere else and can thus be “published”. You can read it here: Palm Sunday, on the new “Poems” page.

The NEWS is that if you wish to join in the fun, I will be giving a talk at 7pm on the 3rd of March at St Barnabas, Jericho — online, so you can come along even if you’re in California! — on “Praying and Reflecting Through Poetry”. Details can be found on Eventbrite:


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